Short Term Gas Trader

Our client is looking for a highly qualified and motivated profile to join their Front Office team as a logistics operator and short-term trader for the Iberian gas market. This role requires experience in wholesale operations, capacity management in transportation network infrastructure, and market analysis to optimize the acquisition and transportation of natural gas.


The candidate will be responsible for the following tasks as part of the Front Office unit:

▪Design and execute short-term commercial strategies in the Spanish and Portuguese gas markets, including the purchase and sale of natural gas to capitalize on market volatility and optimize business profitability
▪Nominations, balance and logistics management of natural gas
▪Monitoring and optimization of the gas customer portfolio, limiting risk within established parameters
▪Monitoring of regulations and analysis of possible impacts/opportunities, ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory frameworks
▪Short-term projection of consumption of customer portfolios in Spain and Portugal
▪Continuous search for business opportunities in wholesale markets to increase business profitability
▪Apply knowledge in gas operations to design, optimize and rethink automated operations tools
▪Forecast and control the market guarantees required in gas systems, including imbalances, capacity and other regulatory requirements. Ensure compliance with market collateral regulations and optimize financial performance


▪2 to 4 years of experience in commercial gas operations in the Iberian market (knowledge in the electricity market will be advantageous)
▪University degree (preferably a master’s degree) in a relevant field such as economics, engineering, finance or a related discipline
▪Fluency in English (oral and written) is essential
▪Analytical skills and ability to work as a team
▪High level of Excel
▪Knowledge of programming and data analysis
▪Passion for energy

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